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Want big results without a big time commitment?  INSANITY is the answer. 

The INSANITY DVD craze, designed by former Olympic 400-meter hurdler Shaun Thompson (better known in the fitness community as Shaun T), gained popularity for its crazy effective "MAX" interval workout: Think nonstop, high-intensity intervals with short periods of rest. The class features the same plyometric drills in the DVDs, like walking pushups, mountain climbers, high jumps and high leg lifts. But unlike the at-home version, class participants will have the added bonuses of personalized high or low impact modifications, group camaraderie and an instructor that will tailor the class for your fitness level.  Men and women of ages and fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to join us in this results-oriented workout. 


6:30PM Monday (Pam)         
5:30AM Tuesday (Pam)
6:30PM Wednesday (Jackie)        
5:30AM Thursday (Pam)
8AM Saturday (Liz / Jackie / Pam)

Unlimited Fitness Champions Pass $60/month or purchase a punch card for $8/class   



Participants must provide a signed waiver prior to participating in class.  A separate waiver is required for each class format.

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