The Freedom Fix

“I am sick of being a slave. A slave to the diet when I'm on track and a slave to the guilt when I’m not. I yearn for a life change that doesn’t require a neurotic obsession over calories, grams, and glycemic indexes. I am tired of investing time and money in the next big weight loss discovery only to be disappointed. How dare a $35 billion industry bombard us with biased and deceitful ‘research’?!”

I passionately ranted to the Friday morning Starbucks rush. Actually, my frustration was directed toward my friend and fellow trainer, Amy Latta (but I’m pretty sure I heard a mumbled “amen” from the next able). To my surprise, beautiful-body-Amy was nodding in agreement. And after she shared a story about the time God pushed her down a staircase (a tale for another day) we both realized we wanted the same thing…  


Freedom to live our lives to the fullest without the constant worry of being perfect. Freedom to eat the foods that we love while also knowing that we were nourishing our bodies. Freedom to get out there and move it without it feeling like a job.

Join us for The Freedom Fix – Ditch the Diet Rules and Find Fitness Freedom. We will have weekly challenges that encourage you to make the small changes needed to successfully adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Posting the same challenge on our respective Facebook pages, we will continue the conversation during the week, listening for feedback and generating new ideas.

Some items will build on the week before. Some will be pretty basic ideas that we all know yet have not taken the time to put into practice. Some will involve local adventures. The Freedom Fix is ongoing, and you can jump in at any time!

The goal is not perfection. The goal is gradual change that leads to permanent improvements in health and fitness. Because we need to Eat Well and Move Well so that we can Live Well! Because we all have Epic Stuff we were meant to do, and we need our bodies to be strong enough to do it.

What can you do?

  1. Make sure you are following both Pam and Amy on Facebook. The weekly challenges will be the same, but where we go with them may differ. Amy and I are like minded, but we do not have the same brain and will have some different ideas. Pam’s page is at Fitness Champions by Pam. Amy’s page is at Amy Latta.
  2. Share our Facebook pages with your friends and let them know you are excited about The Freedom Fix! Because who wants to be a slave to their diets any longer?
  3. Join in the weekly conversations. Knowing that we are not striving for perfection, and some of the changes coming your way may be easier than others. And that is okay!The Freedom Fix


Participants must provide a signed waiver prior to participating in class.  A separate waiver is required for each class format.

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